New AI Assistant from Brave Coming to iPhone and iPad

Brave announced on Wednesday that it’s bringing its AI assistant, called Leo, to iPhone and iPad users. The iOS launch of Leo brings voice-to-text capability, which isn’t available in the Android version of the AI assistant. By giving access to a built-in AI assistant, Brave is hoping users won’t turn to ChatGPT or other similar services. Brave isn’t the only browser company to launch an AI assistant; Opera launched an AI assistant called Aria last year. To access Leo, open the browser, start typing in the address bar and then select “Ask Leo.” Leo is an opt-in feature and can be disabled via the app’s settings.

On a bright Wednesday, Brave took a bold step and announced the launch of its AI assistant, Leo, now available for Apple users on iPhone and iPad. The release of Leo on iOS is a follow-up to its successful debut on Android and desktop devices.

“We are excited to bring Leo to iOS users, providing them with a more accessible and convenient way to interact with the AI assistant,” said the Brave team.

Brave’s AI assistant, Leo, is designed to make life easier by offering a wide range of features such as question answering, content summarization, and content creation. With Leo, users can now access these capabilities on their iOS devices, adding more efficiency to their daily tasks.

Compared to the Android version, the Leo iOS launch comes with a new voice-to-text feature, allowing users to speak out loud and have it converted to text. This feature eliminates the need to type out queries or questions, making it faster and easier to interact with the AI.

In addition to its already impressive features of summarizing web pages and videos, Leo can also answer questions about the content it reads, generate long-form written reports, translate or rewrite pages, create transcriptions of video or audio content, and even write code. With all these capabilities, Brave hopes to provide users with a one-stop solution and reduce their reliance on other AI services like ChatGPT.

For enhanced performance, Leo includes access to three powerful LLMs – Mixtral 8x7B, Anthropic’s Claude Instant, and Meta’s Llama 2 13B.

    Brave has set Mixtral 8x7B as the default LLM for Leo, but users have the option to select from other available LLMs or upgrade to Leo Premium for higher rate limits for $14.99 per month.

Brave is not the only browser company to offer an AI assistant; Opera launched its own AI assistant, Aria, last year. Aria, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, provides a chatbot-like interface for customers to ask questions and receive instant responses.

Existing Brave users can now enjoy the benefits of Leo on their iOS devices by simply updating to version 1.63 of the browser. To access Leo, all they have to do is open the browser, start typing in the address bar, and click on “Ask Leo.” And for those who prefer not to use this feature, it can be easily disabled through the app’s settings.

“With Leo, we aim to provide our users with a seamless and efficient browsing experience. We are constantly working to enhance our services and make Brave the ultimate choice for all users,” the Brave team concluded.

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