Tesla Slashes FSD Price to $99/Month in US

Tesla has slashed the price of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software subscription to $99 per month, down from $199 per month, as the electric vehicle maker aims to boost adoption of its advanced driver assistance system ahead of first-quarter earnings. The price cut comes a couple of weeks after Tesla launched a free one-month trial of FSD for every customer in the U.S. with a compatible Tesla. The FSD price cut comes the same week that Tesla released more tweaks to its latest V12 version of the software to certain users. More drivers with FSD doesn’t only mean more money for Tesla. Tesla might also be angling for more training data so it can meet CEO Elon Musk’s promise to unveil a Tesla robotaxi in August.

Tesla has announced a significant price reduction for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software subscription, cutting the cost from $199 to $99 per month. This move, just ahead of first-quarter earnings, aims to encourage more customers to adopt the advanced driver assistance system.

The new price comes on the heels of Tesla’s recent launch of a free one-month trial of FSD for all customers in the U.S. with a compatible Tesla. As the trial continues, it is now known as ‘Supervised FSD’ to clarify that the software does not transform Teslas into fully autonomous vehicles and human drivers are still required to supervise the not-so-self-driving system.

Formerly known as FSD Beta, Tesla has now rebranded the software as ‘Supervised FSD.’

Supervised FSD boasts the capability to handle various advanced driving tasks, such as lane changes, navigating around vehicles and objects, and following a driver’s navigation route.

The price cut coincides with Tesla’s release of further adjustments to its latest V12 version of the software, now available to certain users. This update claims to enhance the city-streets driving capability of FSD by utilizing solely neural networks.

With more Tesla drivers utilizing FSD, the company stands to benefit not just financially, but also in terms of collecting valuable video data to train its neural networks and improve the product. Speculation also suggests that Tesla may be trying to gather more data in preparation for CEO Elon Musk’s promised unveiling of a Tesla robotaxi in August.

However, as TechCrunch has previously noted, with the accessibility of FSD increasing, there is a higher possibility of drivers neglecting their supervisory responsibility, leading to potential issues if they are unable to take over in case of an emergency.

Tesla might find themselves with more data, but at what cost?

  • Did you know: FSD stands for Full Self-Driving
  • Remember: Human drivers are still required to supervise the FSD software
  • Noteworthy: Tesla’s latest V12 software runs entirely on neural networks for improved city-streets driving capability
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