Kwara FinTech Closes $3M Seed Extension, Expands to Over 4K Credit Unions

Kwara’s goal is to digitize credit unions and make them more accessible to the Kenyan population, who traditionally mistrust financial institutions. The company has seen success in this area, with its client base doubling last year alone. Kwara is now eyeing even more growth in the coming years after signing an exclusive digital solutions distribution agreement with Kuscco. This agreement will help Kwara reach out to saccos across the country and provide them with cutting-edge credit union technology.

The acquisition of IRNET provides Kwara with a wealth of information and insights into the software development process, something that will be beneficial as the bank ramps up its own software development capabilities. Additionally, IRNET’s expertise in saccos will give Kwara an edge over its competition, given that this field is seen as one of the key growth areas within banking.

Kwara the largest public transportation app has raised another $7 million in new funding, this time led by fintech executives including Mikko Salovaara, the CFO of Revolut. The startup plans to use the money to expand its operations into new markets as well as expand its product offering. Kwara has faced some competition from other ride-sharing startups since it launched in 2018, but it is seemingly playing up its ties to local and international carriers including Kenya Airways and South African Airways.

“We think we’ve barely scratched the surface in the Kenyan market,” Cynthia Wandia, co-founder and CEO of Kwara told TechGround. “And so, we are just going to be really investing in products and services that deepen our relationship here.” This sentiment was shared by Kwara’s partners within Kenya too, who feel that the company has only just begun to explore its potential here. With monthly active users numbering well into the thousands, Kwara is indicating its commitment to deepening engagement with users and businesses in Kenya – making it sure there is a strong attachment between both sides.

Wandia is excited to announce their exclusive partnership with Kuscco, a tech company known for being fast and aggressive in their marketing. This deal will allow Wandia to generate leads and distribute their core product faster than any other competitor, while also deepening Wandia’s competitive moat.

Kwara is a platform that connects businesses from different countries with the help of a team of experts. The company has grown its clientele base to 120 from 50 at the end of 2021, maintaining 100% customer retention. This proof of value is what keeps clients coming back to Kwara. The automated onboarding process helps new users transition smoothly into the platform, and ensures customer success and growth.

Kwara’s innovative product upgrades help credit unions to shift away from cumbersome paper-based processes and physical branches, opening up new avenues for them to sign up new members and create novel products. Consequently, Kwara has revolutionized back-office operations for credit unions and has helped them move towards a more digitized future. By streamlining processes and eliminating the need for costly physical locations, Kwara has made it easier for credit unions to compete in a increasingly saturated market.

The Saco Citizens Bank is always innovating with new technology and services to make banking easier for its customers. The neobank app is a great example of the bank’s efforts to meet the needs of its customers. With this app, Saco Citizens Bank members can access additional services like instant loans and third-party insurance in addition to their sacco account and financial tracking features. This app has grown significantly in popularity since it was launched last year, indicating that Saco Citizens Bank’s efforts are being appreciated by its customers.

The fintech is planning on providing additional features catering to the saccos, as well as products designed specifically for the members. This will allow these investors to have increased access to tools and resources that will help them grow their portfolios. Additionally, this innovative company plans on expanding its services in order to better serve its customers.

Third party features are continuing to be added to the neo banking platform in order to provide interesting and valuable content for banking customers. By partnering with these companies, Wandia believes that they are able to give their customers more options and opportunities in regards to how they finance their goals.

Looking to capitalize on their membership’s sporadic need for other services? Sacco believes in rewarding members for leaving their sacco to get what they need, rather than being discouraged from seeking out alternate services. As a result, all income earned on products is funneled back into the pockets of Sacco members as dividends – ensuring that each individual member has an incentive to contribute more fully to the community.

Credit unions have a long history of helping people save money and access credit when conventional banks are not available. They offer low-interest-rate loans and are popular in developing regions because they are less expensive than traditional banks.

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