Lucid Unveils First Road Tests of All-Electric Gravity SUV

The all-electric Gravity SUV is a sign that Lucid is progressing quickly. The company plans to have a completely electic lineup by 2020, and this test Certification shows that they are on track.

The all-electric luxury sedan, Air, and SUV, Gravity, are some of the most popular vehicles on the market. With prices starting at around $70,000 for the Air and topping out at around $130,000 for the Gravity SUV, these cars provide great value while still offering top quality build and performance. Lucid is continuing to expand its line of electric vehicles with new models scheduled to hit the market in 2021 and 2022.

A few years after unveiling the Air, Lucid unveiled their Gravity dropper. The device had a unique design that featured a rotating tank at the bottom of the bottle that dispensed your e-liquid using centrifugal force. The Gravity dropper was well into development before it was released to consumers in summer 2020, with a working prototype spotted in summer 2020. Despite some delays, the device was well-received by critics and consumers alike and continues to be popular today.

Lucid’s Gravity may still be several years away from hitting the market, but the company has released some updated information on when it plans to begin production. According to Lucid, production will actually begin in 2024 and not late 2023 as originally thought. The delay could be due to tweaks made to the car’s design or manufacturing process, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Many customers have requested a Lucid Gravity that has a higher resolution wide-screen display, as well as an intuitive user interface. The Lucid Gravity will have high-resolution displays that provide greater clarity and immersion for the driver. Additionally, the new UX design will make using the vehicle more seamless and easier for drivers.

Lucid is expanding its board with three new board members, including Sherif Marakby, Chabi Nouri, and Ori Winitzer. The new representatives join Nancy Gioia, Frank Lindenberg, and Tony Posawatz who served on the board through the company’s annual shareholder meeting. This expansion brings more experience and knowledge toLucid as it works to improve its products and continue growing its business.

The election of nine new directors to Lucid’s board signals the company’s commitment to pursuing innovative technological solutions and enhancing its customer experience. The new directors are experts in their respective fields, and their backgrounds will help Lucid continue advancing its cutting-edge technologies.

The layoffs are a result of Lucid Group’s restructuring which is intended to save the company money. The cuts will affect employees in all departments, but executive positions will be hardest hit. With 18% of its workforce gone, Lucid Group is hoping to improve its bottom line and return to profitability soon.

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