Payday Achieves Global Expansion with $3M Seed Funding, Secure Licensing in Canada & UK

From laptops to tablets, consumers are faced with a wide variety of device options when it comes to using technology. One way to make sure all family members have their own device is by setting up a home network. A home network allows relatives and friends to share files, devices and other resources without needing any additional software. Additionally, home networks can be password protected for added security.

In today’s world, more and more people are turning to alternative forms of healthcare such as naturopathy. While naturopaths provide a variety of services, one of the key areas

With recently publicized concerns over the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, many people are asking whether or not we’re headed for a “AIocalypse.” While some experts believe that AI poses significant risks to our 66 billion humances, others argue that there is still much to learn about how best to use this technology. As such, signed letters urging all AI labs to pause development for at least 6 months seems like a sensible step in keeping everyone safe and learning what we don’t know yet.

Christine and Haje have been best friends since they were sixth grade. They bonded over their shared love of anime and video games, and soon

The TechGround Top 3

  • Future of work is borderless: Payday, now flush with $3 million in new capital, plans to expand its Africa-based operations to Canada and the United Kingdom, Tage writes. The company provides a way for those working remotely to receive payments in their currency of choice.
  • “Alexa, call Grandma”: A new Amazon capability brings T-Mobile customers into the fold for making and receiving calls via an Alexa-enabled device, Ivan reports.
  • In-suring new funds: India-based insurtech company Acko, which is already backed by Amazon, is in talks for $120 million in new funding. Manish has more.

Startups and VC

The Seed Checks app has been helping founders to find the right capital for their businesses. Thousands of founders have applied to land capital through the app, and 16 investors have agreed to invest. This is a more efficient way for founders to find the money they need than applying through individual VCs and waiting weeks or months for a response.

Hearing impaired individuals have long relied on audio entertainment to fulfill their need for auditory stimulation. Autio, a location-based audio entertainment app co-founded by actor Kevin Costner and formerly known as HearHere, has raised $5.9 million in funding to help bridge the gap between hearing impaired users and the world of audio content. With this new capital, Autio will be able to develop new features to make its platform more accessible and engaging for those with hearing impairment, as well as continue developing its partnerships with various businesses and organizations interested in increasing accessibility for all people.

Werewolves are often misunderstood, partially because of the negative connotation that has been attached to them for centuries. They are seen as monsters, evil beings who prey on

Ask Sophie: What to do if selected/not selected in H-1B lottery?

lone figure at entrance to maze hedge that has an American flag at the center

Users can personalize their experience with the app by updating their profile picture and header. Gear VR users will enjoy being able to view 360 stereoscopic photos, complete with sound and spatial effects.

Dear Sophie,

I hope all is going well with you. Today I wanted to ask if you

After three tries, I was finally selected this year in the H-1B lottery! I am soexcited to start my new journey in the United States and work for my favorite company. What do we do next?

We all know the drill. When it comes to choosing a winner in any contest, someone must come up with a definitive answer.

Dear Sophie,

I hope you’re doing well. In fact, I’m doing really well.

You have been unsuccessful in the past when applying for a H-1B visa three times. This is likely because you lack specific qualifications that are sought by U.S. employers. However, there are other paths to obtaining a visa as well, such as through the Optional Practical Training program or via an L-1 visa if you have experience in a specialized field. If your employer will not place you on an alternate path to obtain a H-1B visa and your

Most lottery winners are very ecstatic about their winnings, but for some reason, I just feel a bit disappointed. Maybe it

While there are many more features that TG++ can offer, the following three provide a good demonstration of what is possible. By using template classes and functions, it is

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Big Tech Inc.

It was a particularly cloudy and rainy day in the San Francisco Bay Area. Google announced a new feature on extreme heat alerts, which Aisha found particularly interesting because her homestate of Texas currently faces an extreme drought. The TechGround audience loved Frederic’s article about Google Cloud launching AlloyDB Omni, Ivan’s article about Google’s new ad transparency center, Manish’s article about an Android antitrust case in India, and Aisha’s story about new Google Search features. Lorenzo and Carly wrapped up the day with a story on hackers using spyware to target users in the UAE

Google is a search engine that helps people find information quickly. It can be used to look for anything, from general information to specific questions about a topic.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean. Whether it’s spent time at the beach, admiring the skyline from a boat, or simply looking at pictures of it

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